The Harm Reduction Discord bot

DoseBot is a harm reduction oriented Discord bot that can be used to provide server users with a variety of useful psychoactive substance information sourced from PsychonautWiki to promote safer use of recreational compounds, as well as provide information from the Subjective Effect Index.

Our goal is to provide a convenient, user friendly interface for accessing information that is crucial for the safe use of recreational compounds. To that end, DoseBot's source code is freely available on GitHub under the Unlicense, so you are free to modify and distribute the bot as you wish. Credit is appreciated, but not required :)

Available commands:
            --combos [substance] (optional: [sub 2])
            --dxmcalc [weight in lbs]
            --effectinfo [effect]
            --effects [substance]
            --info [substance]
            --library [search string]
            --psychtolerance [days since last trip]
            --role [role] (server must support)